Crew Manifest

Beeing now entitld Master at Arms, I hav performd ths Surveyy ov the Crew, ther training, Theese ar mi Notes:

Captin: Chopper

Seems to hav beecome afflictd with Idiocy due too Relief. Hopfully will Settle Down. Othrwise in Good Training.

Mate thee First: Reiko

Slight tendincy too intrude on my Baliwik. Otherwize Training is Excellent.

Gunnar: Ezikial

Drunkennes not as much Problem as I Anticipatted. In Good Training.

Master at Arms: meself, that beeing Feruzi

I evalute my Training as Good. Time for Practise would bee Helpful.

Sirgon: Sandara

Some emotionall Upset. Training is Fair but supplementted with Magic.

Cooke: Fishguts

Training be non-existentt. Cookeing also. Howevr, some seem to preefer him so. Not sure whethar too Include himm in Training.

Moorale Officir, whatevr that bee: Conchobar

Does not seem enclind to Fight. Training appers to bee Fair.

Mate thee Gunnar: Rosie

Good Training. Ezikial seems to bee teeching her Fire-arms.

Leila: Leila

Training is Good. Not certin of her Role.


Enclind to bee Disruptiv. Over-all Training is Fair.


Followz Mahmoud’s Leed. Training I judge to bee Good.

That bee all for thee Existingg Crewe, now for thee Newbies:


Ae Woman, in skin and hair much like Leila, but mych more of thee short an stocky kynd. Shee has Claims of beeing a Dancer, very Fit and Athletick but not mych Acquaintedd with Weapons. Very Distrakting to thee Men. Training I judje is Fair.


Ae Young Man, Sargavan Apparentlee. Very thin and also Nervos, but Good with a Nife. Training I judje is Good.


Ae Blak Man, Like unto Fishguts in Girth, but Very Strong providedd his Quarry do not Run Awaye. Training is Poor, though.


Ane Elf, thee First I hav Seen in this Journee. He seems Educatedd and Very Good with a Bowe. Does not want too Associate with the Rest of the Crewe, though.


Ae Do Not Believe him when he says he is Sixteen, but he seemed so Eegar to Come Aboard that I did not have the Heart too say Know. Finds Weapons of All Kinds Alarming, I Feer. Training is Very Poor.


Ae Young Woman with Many Brothers and Sisters. Parents releeved that she Found Work to Take Her Away. Knoes Ships inside and Owt, but onlie on Dry Lande. More Enthusiasm than Skill. Training is Poor.


Ae Man with some Mixed Blood, if I am Any Judje. Used to Fighting in Bars, hence the Condishun of his Eeyrs. And Knose. Training is Good.


Ae Man, though I use thee term Broadly. Says he is a Lover, nowt a Fighter and I Beleeve him given thee Condishun of his Muscles. He Demonstrates grate Knowledge of thee Sea despite his Poetical Affliction and has very Keen Eyes and is Sprightly. Training is Poor.


An ancient Tian Man, not Familiar to Reiko or Tatsumi, he has no Possessions other than a Loincloth and a Hat made of Grass. When I went to Ascertain his Training, he Laid me Owt for Five Minutes. I enjoined him to the Crewe provided he Burned the Loincloth and Assumed some Trousers. Training is Excellent.


At First, I thought this Man bee a Rahadoumi like unto Leila, but noe, he is Thuvian and missing one Hand. He has a Tool that affixes to thee Stump which he uses to Great Effect. Training is Good.


Ane other Black Man, this one from thee Kaava. Does not speak Taldane, but understands thee Polyglot well enough. Training is Fair.


An Sargavan with Very Curly hair which she is always Fussing at. Knows the Use of a Crossbow and has some Skill as a Smith, very Strong for her Size, which is not much more than that beelonging to Reiko. Training is Good.


Ae Chelish man, possessed by Superstition and Fear of the Hells. Was a Sailor at One Time until Laid Up by Fever. Still somewhat Weak, but I judge Time Away from the Jungle will improve his Condishun. Training is Fair.


An Older Woman whose Children have Grown and whose Husband is Dead. Wishes to See the World. Training is Poor but I judje her to be Willing.

Addenddum: Of coarse, Leila bee Navigator, I wass Forgetting.

Crew Manifest

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