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Languages: Common
Favored Regions: Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Molthune, Nirmathas, Varisia
Favored Religions: Abadar, Asmodeus, Erastil, Iomedae, Zon-Kuthon, diabolism
Family Names: Alazario, Albus, Ambusta, Baradin, Charthagnion, Crispin, Drovenge, Fullonna, Galonnica, Jeggare, Krupt, Leroung, Ratarion, Rugatonn, Tauranor, Thrune, Voralius, Wardroxan, Wintrish
Female Names: Asmodia, Aspexia, Aula, Boudra, Chammady, Drulia, Imperia, Ileosa, Korva, Noravia, Novennia, Pavanna, Pontia, Quinta, Rulla, Valeria, Vibia
Male Names: Aerodus, Alexite, Gellius, Grachius, Gruckalus, Lurconarr, Manius, Marcellano, Morvius, Pavo, Pellius, Petronicus, Rutilus, Solangus, Ursion
Appearance: Chelaxians are the descendents of Azlanti refugees whose blood mixed with that of pale-skinned Ulfen raider merchants from the northern climes. As a result, they tend as a people toward dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin — skin lighter than that of their duskier Taldan cousins. Red hair is often seen as evidence of strong ties to diabolic influence, which can be a boon or a curse depending on one’s actual affiliation. Chelaxians have sharp features — narrow jaws; strong noses; and thin, arched eyebrows.

Chelaxians are the prodigal children of Taldor combined with the fierce blood of the Ulfen, primarily hailing from the proud and devil-tainted Chelish Empire and lands that once fell under its banner. Their sharp features, dark hair, and light skin betray their twin heritages.

Chelaxians are strong-willed, confident, and organized in thought and deed. They love learning of any sort, whether practical or theoretical, and are able to easily adapt lessons from one field of study into another. They feel no shame in adopting the best attributes of another culture and transforming them into new, uniquely Chelish practices. For while they are proud of their heritage, they are even more proud of their ability to adjust to and dominate changing circumstances, which allows them to persevere even when others have given up a cause as hopeless.

Chelish history shows their pride to be largely justified: they broke off from the Taldan Empire, claimed the southwestern portion of Avistan, moved the center of Aroden’s worship to their empire, and extended their reach as far north as Varisia and south into Garund as part of their continuing quest to keep expanding their empire. Chelaxians felt that destiny itself was on their side, and so it seemed until the moment of Aroden’s death. In the chaos of the void left by the god’s death, their society swirled and shifted in bloody alliances until the rise to power of House Thrune, a clan of scheming nobles who assured their dominance through pacts with diabolical allies.

The interregnum and the ascension of House Thrune drove many Chelaxians to look to the horizon for new opportunities, and many still travel far from the country even now. The old nobility has been swept away or subsumed into the current structure, and the government’s affiliation with the Church of Asmodeus has forced many Chelaxians into exile, self-imposed or otherwise.

Chelaxians, whether native to their country, expatriates, or born and raised abroad, believe that they should project an aura of success whenever possible. Their people have been favored by fate for so long that they believe anything less than rich clothing and intricate weaponry is unworthy of them. Their homes are luxurious without being decadent, and they like to show off their wealth whenever possible, though they are willing to wear plain clothes and bear more basic arms when necessity demands it.

Chelaxians believe in strength, honor, nobility, and success. They believe in keeping their word and honoring oaths and contracts, though they are more dedicated to the letter of the law than to the spirit, and if they feel they have been disadvantaged by giving their word, they find a way to satisfy the bare minimum required by the exact wording of their promise and then proclaim that they have honored their end of the bargain. Because of this, people tend not to trust Chelaxians any further than a contract dictates, and even among themselves, Chelaxians haggle over minor details of promises and oaths.

Chelaxians value organization and firm leadership. They believe strongly in their communities and countries, no matter where they are in the world, and while they have no compunctions about allowing others to join them, those newcomers must recognize and defer to the Chelaxians’ innate superiority. People who help build a community and its reputation are heroes, while those who work against the community’s goals quickly find themselves shunned or driven out.


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