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Character Generation

Player Characters begin the campaign at 1st level.

Players should follow the guidelines for Generating a Character in Chapter 1 starting on page 14 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Play whatever race and class you think you will enjoy the most, but please don’t use any of the third-party sources. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ability Scores: Players will generate ability scores using the Standard Method found on page 15 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Race: Select one of the Core races detailed in Chapter 2 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). You can play a non-Core race with GM’s approval.

Class: Select one of the Core classes detailed in Chapter 3 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Base classes are acceptable with GM’s approval.

Skills: Skill information can be found in Chapter 4 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Feats: Feats are located in Chapter 5 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Equipment: Weapons, armor, and other adventuring gear is located in Chapter 6 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Starting gold for each class is located on Table 6-1 (p. 140) in the Pathfinder Core Rules . Take the higher of your roll or the average. If you can afford it, you can have it. This policy only applies to starting gold expenditures. PCs WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR EQUIPMENT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CAMPAIGN.

Traits: Traits are a player option defined in the Advanced Player’s Guide, p. 326 (and also here). Each player may select two (2) Traits appropriate for your character, one of which must come from the Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide. This trait also explains how you came to the Formidably Maid in Port Peril, where you were press-ganged. All Traits are subject to GM approval.

Alignment: Evil PCs are not allowed. Since the PCs want to be pirates, or at least shouldn’t be averse to becoming pirates, Lawful alignments could be problematic.

Hero Points: All PCs begin with 1 Hero Point. A completed character backstory or prelude will earn you an additional point.

Background: At a minimum, give me a physical description (to inform NPC reactions), a basic reason for adventuring, and at least one hook involving an old vendetta, personal ethos, relative, or other core detail that I can weave into the campaign. Please suggest an NPC to go with your hook.

Since everyone begins the campaign press-ganged about the Wormwood, the PCs don’t have to know each other beforehand. You’re welcome to form existing relationships if you wish, though.

Please come up with a character concept that is responsible to the other players and their characters. It’s all right to play a PC who starts out as a pain to get along with, or who thinks he doesn’t need anyone else, as long as you’re willing to transition that character toward a group role, and you don’t allow his “bad attitude” to ruin anyone else’s fun. A PC who’s only out to betray her allies, on the other hand, is not welcome. Listen to Wil Wheaton, and Don’t Be a Dick.

Character Creation

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