Captain's Log 9

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We trudged through the swamp toward the high tor to get a better vantage, and from that height, we could see much and more of the island. We decided to make for a fort structure, trustin’ that they’d have a water source nearby. Rather than lug the barrels overland, we sailed the cutter around to the beach we saw nearby the wooden palisade. Work smarter, I always say – if not do.

We came under attack from crabs on the beach and some weird plant monsters while we swept the yard of the stockade, but they weren’t too much trouble. Somethin’ horrible lurked within, the main buildin’ as well, but the rottin’ bugger was chained up, so he didn’t pose a threat. Feruzi found a journal of some poor bastard that told the tale of shipwreck, sin, and sinister undeath. Ghoul-plague, carried by the ruttin’ insects. We looted the building, then burned it down with the chained ghoul inside.

Reiko and Feruzi kept talkin’ about searchin’ for our lost crewmates, but considerin’ they’d been taken by sea creatures, I didn’t hold out much hope on that account. Still, they insisted that maybe the grindylows had some sorta dry storage for livin’ captives, so they could eat ‘em fresh. A grim hope, to say the least, but still I was dubious. I’d been up for almost two days, so I weren’t feelin’ too charitable.

We dragged the barrels from the cutter up to the stockade about the time dark was fallin’, and the ladies used the spyglass we’d seen attached to the wall to take a look around. Threats were levied at me by way of gettin’ my attention, so I came over to see what all the fuss was about. Through the glass, I saw grindylows playin’ in the water and one of ‘em was wearin’ Sandara’s bloody tricorne hat!

That pissed me off, and my mind changed in that instant. We made our way down to the cove where we saw the filthy critters, then searched around for any sort of opening. Our search was interrupted when we were attacked by leathery-winged mosquito-bats. It’s always fookin’ somethin’.

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Captain's Log 9

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