Captain's Log 5

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Day 8 (Continued)

The weird creatures’ claws were sharp, but even in the water they weren’t too tough. Slimy, though. Feruzi, Mister Hands, and Sandara took the brunt of their attentions, but we managed to kill ‘em before anyone was too terribly hurt. I offered to do what I could to patch ’em up, but everyone waved me off. It’s almost enough to make a guy feel unappreciated, but ya can’t force people to take yer help.

Anyway, we figured the lobster-eels (I think somebody called ‘em “reefclaws” – as good a name as any) would be pretty tasty cooked up, so we brought ’em along to turn in with the rest of our haul. Captain Harrigan was mighty pleased with the take, givin’ Mister Hands most of the credit – and a vial of healin’ potion – for reasons. He even gave us the rest of the day off, such as it was. That didn’t sit well with Plugg, but there weren’t nothin’ he could do about it but fume.

Sandara insisted she was all right after the wounds she’d taken, but she turned in early and seemed a little off all the same. Woke her to enjoy some of the reefclaw, and she was slow to rise. She perked up after dinner, and then sat with me drinkin’ and chattin’ me up, as was her wont. More’n a little sure she fancies me, and she ain’t hard on the eyes, fer sure, but…

I feel protective of her. Somethin’ Mother instilled in me from a young age: gotta protect those that need it – ‘specially ladies. Keep ’em from harm, both physical and otherwise. Protect their virtue. Ain’t a lot of virtue to be found at sea, but I’m compelled to try all the same. I’m sure Besmara looks after her own.

‘Cept when she don’t.

Sandara pressed me on my reasons for seekin’ to join up with a band of scalawags such as this, but it’s too soon yet to share that particular motivation. I managed to beg off and change the subject – not so hard with as much as she drinks. I saw her safe back to bed and then sought my own hammock.

Day 9

I amused myself this evenin’ tryin’ to convince Rattline – the only other halfling on the ship – that he should chat up Rosie Cusswell, but the little fella insisted she was better’n him. I don’t truck with that kind of thing, but before I could start to set him straight, Mister Hands drew my attention to Reiko confrontin’ Scourge about her brother. I feared it might come to a fight, but it stopped with harsh words. Still, the looks she drew from that camp as she walked away were heated to say the least.

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Captain's Log 5

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