Captain's Log 4

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Day 6

The hardest day(s) we’ve experienced thus far on the Wormwood started in the morning. We were beset by a monster of a squall, and all hands were ordered into the rigging to keep the ship afloat and – one assumes – on some sort of meaningful course. Sailor’s work is a back-breaking strain in the best of circumstances. Add in torrential rain and gusting winds and it is downright lethal.

Damn near lost Rosie Cusswell, a halfling that has taken a shine to Feruzi – she’s gathering quite a following of misfits aboard this ship – when the little lass was swept overboard. Before I could even think to help, Mister Hands had already reacted, reaching for the nearest line and casting it out to land in the surf right beside her. She managed to get a grip on her end, but it took Hands, Reiko, and my own dwindling strength to tow her back aboard the ship. She was understandably grateful.

Day 7

I’m told that I lost in the rigging and only through the intervention of Mister Hands and Sandara was I spared the lash a second time. The former dragged me belowdecks while the latter distracted Scourge a little too vehemently. She earned herself several hours in the sweatbox by spitting in the boatswain’s face. Rather than let Scourge’s men lay hands on the fiery redhead, Feruzi took it upon herself to drub the lass – and slip her some food and water. All of this I learned when the Mwangi came to apologize to me for her act, fearing she had done wrong somehow.

I assured Feruzi that her instincts were good, and I thanked her for the intervention. I’ve grown fond Sandara, the lass that I cannot seem to protect from herself.

I gave my thanks to Hands and the Besmaran in person later, once I’d somewhat recovered from my work-related exhaustion. Vowed that I owed Sandara, and of all responses, she flirted with me! Mad, that one. Mad and intriguing.

Day 8

Mister Plugg ordered us to fetch some fresh crabs for the captain’s supper, pointing at a nearby reef. Feruzi looked uncertain about swimming in the open water, but I helped her along and we made our way to a good crabbing spot. We managed to catch more than a few of the little snappers before Sandara started splashing, and then most work stopped.

’Course some giant lobster-beasts had to show up and ruin the fun…

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Captain's Log 4

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