Captain's Log 19

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McCleagh asked fer our help securing the Rock and its folk this morning. Damn near seemed ta stick in his craw, but I was already thinkin’ along those lines and readily set Devil’s Pallor out ta patrol. It’s an uphill climb and no question, but I think I’ll win the man over in the end. He’s a decent sort and so’m I, an’ I think he’ll come ta see I’m not the reason fer Lady Smythee’s affections fer him, or lack thereof. Poor bloke.

* * *

Lemme paint a picture fer ye: Ye’re startled awake in the dead o’ night by the report of one o’ the loudest firearms in the Fever Sea. Do ye wait ‘til ye’ve got bleedin’ pants on ’fore ye go investigate? Bah!

Aye, the fishmen struck last night, but was quickly subdued by the able crew I’d ordered ta watch out fer ‘em. Even the men we knicked from Svard’s ship seem ta be comin’ ‘round ta the Crisis way o’ thinkin’. I think we’re rechristenin’ Devil’s Pallor on the morrow. Ain’t rightly sure what ta call ‘er, but I’m sure somethin’ll suggest itself.

Back ta bed. With the wife. Still sounds strange ta hear that said out loud.

* * *

Ya make one naked moonlight melee, an’ everybody makes a fuss. Prudes, one an’ all.

Tonight the Rock was attacked in force by pirates, which we actively repelled. Again, when I’m woke suddenly by sounds o’ combat in me brand new home, clothes don’t enter my thoughts. Axes do. I raced down ta help the crew deal with the bastards, ‘til a scream from above let us know we’d been hoodwinked.

The pirates was led by some tattooed witch with shark-y teeth who burned McCleagh and some other guards down while we was otherwise occupied. The Lady Smythee survived the witch’s first spell, thankfully, an’ me an’ the crew gave the sorcerer somethin’ else to target.

She thought she was a match fer me an’ a fifty foot drop ta the ground. She weren’t. Sure, Feruzi’s arrow had the killin’ point, but that ain’t nothin’ new. Bedeviled sorceress clawed at me deep platinum necklace as she died.

I’m startin’ ta think mebbe this bit o’ bob is more cursed than fashionable.

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Captain's Log 19

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