Captain's Log 17

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Well, now. That was somethin’ else!

Trekked through the jungle ta get to the great bloody ziggurat, and while there was big cats around, they didn’t bother us none. Can’t say the same ‘bout the damned carnivorous feathered lizards, tho. Spawn o’ Koro-Koro, I can only imagine, vicious beasts runnin’ about on two legs like they think they’re people. Sorry, lizards. Ye ain’t.

I wanted a capture, but again, couldn’t get no support from me own crew. Too busy trying not to get clawed to death or some such excuse. Bah! Anyway, the damned things probably can’t be tamed or ship-broken, and no way am I tendin’ that many lacerations.

Then Koro-Koro made an appearance. A slightly bigger feathered lizard, with vast bat wings where its forearms shoulda been. And it talked! Not a one of us understood what it said, but it definitely challenged me ‘fore it came crashin’ in. I shoved it off and saw that it had brought backup. Until Koro-Koro cast a spell that stole the light!

Sandara was able to undo whatever curse the damned thing had laid upon us in short order, and though we bled dearly for it, we was able to finish off the remaining lizard-things and their hell-spawned master. Found a dead dwarf in the clearing and pointed ‘im out to the others. Mister Hands eagerly sought – and shortly after found – the dead man’s gun. He also took quite a bit of Koro-Koro’s blood ta makes some sort of super-powder for ‘is firearms or some such. Once he was satisfied, we finished lootin’ the dead and returned ta the ship.

A course, there was a Chelaxian pirate hunter name o’ Dominator squattin’ at the mouth o’ the river when we got back ta the bay in the early evenin’. Guess word got back to ’em after all! Infamy is a cruel mistress. XOXO Besmara.

Quickly formulated a plan ta disable Dominator‘s rudder pulley system an’ give Crisis a chance ta run for it. Hopefully, they’d even have time ta pick us up on their way out. Sent Reiko back ta the ship to apprise them of their role in this endeavor. Mister Hands rowed Feruzi, Leila, and I closer to the Chelaxian ship an’ we swam the rest o’ the way, climbin’ up the backside swift an’ silent as shadows. Well, except for the silent part.

Feruzi was spotted by some officer or other when we got ta the windows o’ the room with the rudder apparatus, so we had to go on the offensive. I’ll give the man this – he was a formidable swordsman supported by competent and loyal men. It was almost a shame ta send ‘im on his way, but he was too skilled for me to hold back anythin’ if I wanted ta get out alive.

By the time I was finally able to make an end of ‘im, reinforcements was beatin’ at the doors. Made quick work of destroyin’ the pulley, then dove out the windows and back inta the water. The crew took a few potshots at us in the water, but by Besmara’s grace we made it back ta the boat while Mister Hands covered our retreat with his pistol. We met Crisis as she came out o’ the river and quickly clambered aboard.

Our handiwork proved sufficient, and we escaped the hunters on this night.

It was a good day.

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Captain's Log 17

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