Captain's Log 16

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After the Deathknell incident, and since we still had former slaves that weren’t too keen on the piratin’ life, we continued on to Senghor ta turn ‘em loose, as promised. We arrived in port, found a pub, and started spreadin’ the word ‘bout our exploits once more. Fortune prick me, but we also ran into some mates formerly o’ the Wormwood!

Crimson Cog, Cut-throat Grok, Jack Scrimshaw, and Barefoot Samms was all at a table at the Sea Witch tavern, and what a reunion it were! Harrigan weren’t pleased to not see Man’s Promise – or more accurately the profits from her sale, waitin’ on ‘im in Bloodcove. They tol’ us how they snuck away when Wormwood were at anchor there, an’ how a couple folks was lost gettin’ free from Harrigan. We raised a mug in their honor an’ offered each of our friends a home aboard Crisis. They was only too happy ta accept.

They also told a tale about some legendary beast or other nearabouts called the Koro-Koro. Since we was already in the neighborhood, seemed a shame not ta take a peek and see what all the fuss was about.

* * *

Spent a few days in port ‘til the bleeding storm – that seems to be following us around, I might add – finally subsided. Feruzi came back with some nice clothes, for a wonder, so I was forced to give her a bit o’ grief about it. But now we’re on our way upriver.

Kroop once again provided a tale ‘bout the Mbaiki – the former natives of Koro-Koro’s current home. Seems they was animal worshipers that cut a deal with some savage spirit for the “gift” of takin’ animal form. Guess they didn’t read the fine print, tho, ’cos it seems they got stuck that way, with no way to regain their human bodies. Poor sods.

Can see the top ova peaked stone buildin’ over the treetops, now. Time ta hunt.

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Captain's Log 16

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