Captain's Log 15

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Found a sinking trawler today, and even the dinghies were scuttled. We went aboard and were forced to kill a couple o’ stinkin’ fish-men who musta stayed behind to admire their handiwork. Killed ‘em both, and took a shiny necklace made o’ gold coral and a silvery metal with strange blue-black whorls that Kroop tol’ me was called “deep platinum.” Said it was of some religious import to some o’ the odder creatures ’neath the waves. Mine now.

Ol’ Kroop is full a all sorts a stories. While we weathered a storm, he spun us a yard ‘bout Whalebone Pilk, the captain o’ the Deathknell, by which we seem to be bestalked currently. Seems Pilk weren’t allowed ter play a real instrument when he was comin’ up as a lad, so he got a mad-on ‘bout ringin’ bells.

Chased a pod o’ whales out ta sea ‘til ’is crew’d had enough o’ that brand of madness and there was an attempted mutiny. Didn’t go well for the crewmen that lacked patience with the ol’ man, but that didn’t matter too much as the whales eventually had enough of the infernal ringin’ and expressed their displeasure by breachin’ the hull and sinkin’ ol’ Pilk along with the rest of his ragged crew. His curse requires he take a thousand skulls ’fore he can rest eternally.

Pretty story.

* * *

We heard the ringin’ that night, and a course we made ‘im chase us, but turns out ye can’t beat ghost ships fer speed. All the more reason ta take one or ally with it, if I had my way, but apparently bein’ captain will only get ye so far with this crew.

I tasked Mister Hands with takin’ out the bell just ta be spiteful; mostly ‘cos I knew he loves followin’ spiteful orders. Then I boarded Deathknell and started hackin’ at Pilk’s dead-as-fook crew, supported by Feruzi’s archery. Reiko swung over ta the ghost captain hisself, ta do her thing. The mad gunman followed ta keep the boney crew off ’er back.

Seein’ as it was Reiko doin’ the fightin’, victory was largely a foregone conclusion, an’ once Ol’ Pilk fell, ‘is crew stopped movin’…and ‘is ship stopped floatin’. Hasty lootin’ ensued, including, at my insistence, the infernal bell, which had some pretty severe ballista damage. Oh, and the ship’s wheel for our collection.

Sandara insisted the cursed bell had to be destroyed. I think she just doesn’t like me havin’ new toys.


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Captain's Log 15

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