Captain's Log 13

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Three days ‘til the Rock, by our navigator’s estimate. Plenty of time to break in the crew a bit and settle in to our new home, Crisis. I can’t be sure, but I think there might have been some sort of hazing ritual that I was (thankfully) not made a part of. Feruzi gave me some primitive necklace with a bull on it. I really don’t understand that woman most times.

* * *

We came under attack the first time we tried sailing at night. Some sort of fishman monsters boarded us, and but for the scream of the sailor on watch – Steve I think – we might’ve been sorely hurt. Still and all, the watchman was injured, so I set to work stabilizing her condition until Sandara could be roused to offer healing prayers. No harm, no foul.

* * *

We took the cutter in to the beach at Tidewater Rock, and we were noticed well in advance by the men on the walls of the fort. We held a brief “discussion” with the guardians, with us calling up to the wall and them calling back. I admitted we were there to “crack the Rock”, which amused them no end.

I noticed a woman among them and surmised her to be the widow of Captain Smythee – the fella who’d held the Rock prior to his untimely death – at the hands of one Barnabus Harrigan. I opened a dialogue with her on the basis of a mutual distaste for the man and requested parley over dinner. She agreed, and Feruzi offered to serve as hostage during the meeting.

I was impressed with the interior of Tidewater Rock and said as much as I took a seat at Lady Smythee’s table. We talked about options and the opportunities we might make in service to one another. She didn’t want to just give up the Rock, and I couldn’t blame her. I suggested perhaps becoming an “heir” to her legacy, should I prove competent.

She countered with an offer of marriage.

Sandara spewed her beverage all over Reiko.

Once that was cleaned up, Agasta Smythee clarified that Shackles marriages were often used to cement alliances and share prestige. She (rightly) wanted us to gain a bit more reputation on our own before tying herself to some upstart. In the meantime, she could suggest some choice targets for a green pirate crew. After that, she suggested perhaps a year for this arrangement. I said it would be enough.

“Enough”, hah! Could I have understated that more?

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Captain's Log 13

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