Captain's Log 12

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After the wasps, a Chelish vessel pulled into Rickety’s but no alarm was sounded – which was somewhat unusual. I was still in my room while Sandara taunted me before eventually offering the appropriate healing prayers to deal with the damage the naga’s poison had caused to my body. Bloody woman.

Missed meeting Captain Pegsworthy, but his first mate had decided to hang around Rickety’s until our ship was squibbed and the lads could start a new job. Turns out Pegsworthy’s man is none other than Reiko’s brother Tatsumi. Huh. Small ocean after all.

Ezikial came to fetch me from my room saying something about going to check on the watchman who was supposed to report when a ship came into the cove. Thanks to Besmara, I was feeling up to it, so I dressed and we rejoined the others. Feruzi was giving the new recruits a “pep” talk mainly involving them staying in the back and keeping out of trouble. Solid advice.

We made our way to the watchtower along a cliffside path. There were a couple of swine intent on defending their pass, but my crew made short work of them before I could so much as draw a blade. We tasked the new guys with carrying the meat back and requesting that Rickety start cooking it up for a feast that night. That seemed to please them.

A parrot flapped up and started jabbering at us, then started flying toward the tower. We followed and found the watchman dead at his post, a nasty wound that looked nothing so much as a massive sting. As if being impaled by a giant wasp isn’t bad enough, it appeared that the man had also been allergic. Damn shame. Found a morningstar of impressive craftsmanship, and someone grabbed it while we wrapped up the body for transport back to the village.

We returned to Rickety and explained what we’d found. He thanked us for checking it out and knocked some more off the price of our repairs. Even told us to keep the man’s morningstar – apparently it’s magic. Tonight we feast!

* * *

Was up drinking with Tatsumi this morning and asking after Captain Pegsworthy. I like everything I’ve heard so far. There was some strangeness between Reiko’s brother and Leila. Apparently the boy is sweet on her, but she didn’t return the sentiment. Not sure entirely, some of the subtext was lost on me, but I was nursing a bit of a hangover. Anyway, Reiko and Leila stormed off I think, leaving us baffled at the table.

Captain Pegsworthy returned a few hours later, after our ship was ready and offered to christen the vessel. I’d convinced the others to call the ship Crisis, and Ezikial had managed to get a flag – the Fist and Chain – made up in the last few days. Pegsworthy did the honors mentioning cracking Tidewater Rock. Once someone filled me in on the details of what that meant, I decided that was our first destination.

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Captain's Log 12

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