Captain's Log 11

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So, I guess I’m Captain, now.

Reiko came to talk to me about establishing a new chain of command now we’ve got a ship and part of a crew to manage. I expressed part of my ambition – to become a Free Captain and eventually part of the Pirate Council, but agreed not to get in the way of her search for her brother. No one else wanted the job, so I guess I’m in charge now. In name, at least.

* * *

Rickety Hake is as solid a fellow as you’re likely to find in the Fever Sea. He’s tough, but fair, and his lads work hard. Reiko agreed to handle negotiations for the refitting of the Man’s Promise, and I trust she got us a good deal. For my part, I stayed out of the way while the more sales-driven members of the crew set to spreading the tales of our adventures (so far) and recruiting additional sailors so we could run the ship more effectively.

I tapped Conchobar to determine new apparel more fitting to my station, and I tell you something else – gnomes make some of the best batmen. He found me a stylish coat and a very large hat, and was pleased when I didn’t question his choices. You’re crew has to have the confidence to do the tasks they’re assigned without having someone second guess their every decision.

We spent the rest of the day drinking and listening to our stories circulate. I think it’s gonna be a relaxing few days ’til the ship is ready.

* * *

What was meant to be a relaxing afternoon of ninepins almost turned lethal when a naga came up out of the river and tried to make off with one of Rickety’s lads – fella by the name of Steve, I think. Well, he was just tryin’ to keep the keg cool in the waters, so no way was I gonna let him get dragged away by some overgrown lady-snake. When I demanded a blade, one was supplied and I dived in to confront the beast. Reiko came, too.

While the samurai distracted the naga, I cut Steve loose and handed him up to his fellows. I got bit a couple of times, and I’m pretty sure the damned thing was venomous. I felt pretty puny after the fight, but I managed to drag myself up onto shore and toss myself in a lounge chair demanding that the carcass be skinned and made into a pair of boots.

Rickety actually knew the naga’s name and mentioned some kind of arrangement between his folk and the nagas. The drought must’ve forced this one downriver. Bad luck all around. Still, the Master Squibber didn’t seem offended that we’d killed the creature, and even offered to give us a discount on the work for saving young Steve.

I toughed it out and continued drinking while the game got started up, but I put myself on bed rest until I was feeling better.

* * *

I slept right through some kind of giant wasp attack. It was a really good nap.

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Captain's Log 11

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