Captain's Log 10

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The ship is ours.

Okay, I may have skipped a couple steps.

After we dealt with the mosquito-bats (blood-suckin’ fiends likely stricken with the fookin’ ghoul plague), we remembered that we had sunrods, and so I suggested a little night-diving to search for any caves hidden by the high tide. Everyone else was game and so we started to explore the underwater caves – like we’ve got good sense.

Grindylows and worse tentacled beasts lurked within, but fortunately, there were enough pockets of air (and murderous female companions) to sustain us in our endeavor. My body ached by the time we came to the large cavern that did, in fact, contain our missing crewmates. Sandara and Chonchobhar were hangin’ from the ceilin’ by ropes and wrapped with bars o’ silver. The little man looked much the worse for wear, and his situation didn’t improve when the ruttin’ fish-queen caught a glimpse of us intrudin’ into her throne room. She cut the ropes, sendin’ the pair of ‘em into the drink, bein’ rapidly dragged down the bottom.

My attempt at rescue was cut short – and ain’t that so often the case? – when I got hugged by the fish-queen’s pet kraken. Damn near blacked out from the pain before Reiko could get around to puttin’ her sword through its oversized eye. In her defense, she’d been busy making an end of a pair of sea-ghouls that were eyein’ Sandara and Conchobhar like lunch and then draggin’ the pair of ’em back to the surface.

Bottom line, we won the fight and managed to save ‘em both, but it were a near thing. I could sense that Sandara was hopin’ for somethin’ from me, but… Honestly, between the exhaustion and the adrenalin, I didn’t have much to offer. We managed to swim, sail, row, and stumble our way back to the stockade before passing out.

* * *

Dear gods, but there was a lot of talk about what to do next this morning. Some wanted to explore the island, others wanted to return to the ship, and still others believed (and I struggled to disagree) that Plugg had somethin’ nasty in mind for us upon our return. Reiko insisted that we were too far from Rickety’s Squibs for him to kill us off, and his threat to maroon us on this cursed isle were clearly hollow considering the ship’s lack of water.

The explorer’s faction won out and we tooled around the heights for awhile, using the pilfered spyglass to learn more about our surroundings. We saw that Plugg had posted a lookout in the crow’s nest, which struck us all as very odd. Ezikial insisted on searching the wreck of the Infernus, the sunken ship that had belonged to the Chelaxians that had succumbed to the ghoul plague. It was eel-infested, but not terribly profitable for all that.

Once we were all explored out, the conversation about what to do next started up again. Leila suggested sneaking on board and taking matters into our own hands. It bothered me on some level, but the others were interested in it, and I knew we’d have to do something about Plugg eventually. Might as well be as On Our Terms as possible. Besides, that lookout really bugged me.

* * *

Feruzi sniped the sentry in the crow’s nest, and we boarded the ship. Made our way to the officer’s quarters and found the coward Scourge behind a half-dozen sailors with a knife to Rosie’s throat. We called his bluff and he tossed the halfling toward us. The fight was brief and bloody, and at the end of it all, Scourge lay dead. Without wasting further time, we returned to the deck.

There stood Plugg, already bloody. Bad sign.

I advanced and engaged the self-styled captain of the Man’s Promise. Reiko joined me in that effort, while Feruzi and Ezikial fired their starting shots. The fight was going our way, and I offered him the chance to surrender. He taunted us – Feruzi in particular – about having murdered Owlbear, but still I felt compelled to offer the chance.

Ezikial was less inclined. After Plugg threw down his sword, the mad gunner rushed forward and put his pistol to the man’s head. I knocked the weapon aside and demanded that Ezikial stand down. It was a tense moment, but he did so.

Not so, Feruzi. I saw the look in her eyes a moment before her arrow found Plugg’s heart. Shit.

Too good an end for the man, by half. My mercy would have deprived Plugg of his hands and left him alive but marooned on the cursed isle we had just vacated. Alas.

Still and all, the ship is ours.

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Captain's Log 10

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