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Birthplace of Freedom
Alignment: NG
Capital: Almas (76,600)
Notable Settlements: Alvis (2,090), Augustana (54,200), Bellis (4,800), Caldamin (550), Carpenden (10,600), Claes (648), Cyremium (370), Falcon’s Hollow (1,400), Fusil (488), Lavieton (505), Olfden (3,319), Oregent (22,700), Piren’s Bluff (210), Riverford (1,740), Sauerton (2,780), Souston (920), Steyr (2,634), Triela (3,899)
Ruler: His Excellency Codwin I of Augustana, Supreme Elect of the Free Peoples of Andoran
Government: Fledgling democracy
Languages: Common
Major Races: Humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings
Major Religions: Abadar, Aroden, Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Iomedae, Shelyn

Throughout its history, Andoran has served empires — first Taldor, and later Cheliax. In both cases, Andorens threw off their ties when their distant masters grew too oppressive. In 4669 AR, Andorens revolted against the rise of diabolical Cheliax, and in so doing, created a revolution that threw down the old nobility and empowered merchants and common citizens in a fledgling democratic experiment. The country’s adventurers see themselves as liberators and evangelists against feudalists, monarchists, and slavers. Though Andorens do not always agree with each other, they are united in their hatred of slavery, and seek to stamp it out wherever possible. Andoran’s mission is to spread freedom — personal, economic, and intellectual — and it has created elite units of soldiers, called the Eagle Knights, devoted to this purpose.

Andoran is a beautiful country, covered with fields and forests, streams and lakes. Though it once saw extensive battles on its fertile plains, the wars have since gone elsewhere, and it is now primarily peaceful. The people of Andoran work hard to ensure that it remains so.

The country is devoted to egalitarianism and opportunity, though old habits die hard for some. The elites who lost their properties when they refused to back Andoran’s secession from Cheliax still plot ways to restore their power, and enemy agents come from across the Inner Sea to bring down the infant government by arming militant guerillas, fomenting sedition, and preaching against the legitimacy of the Common Rule.


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