The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty

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We did then enter the main doors of the second level of the fortress, into what appeared to be a warehouse. Stacks of crates and piles of plunder greeted our eyes. Along with the treasure’s guardian, a three legged demon of some sort, which fell rapidly to my Father’s Bullets and the Captain’s ax. The door at the back of the room yielded quickly to a well palced bullet and we beheld Harrigan’s mostly empty treasury.

We searched the remainder of the floor but found no one to be present. Choosing to follow Rotgram’s journal, we made ready for the stairs to the third level. Upon reaching Harrigan’s level, we were accosted by four darkly angelic beings. With a flurry of blades and a fusillade of gunfire, the angleics were put out of the way for the true fight to come. I called out to Harrigan to bring him to the fore. Sadly, all that responded was a Soprano singing Chelish opera.

Her opening act was a lightning bolt and some one else focused what they thought would be a fearsome illusion, but I have seen worse in my sober moments. Reiko finally shrugged off her bindings and attacked the singer, while Harrigan appeared, catching Feruzi by surprise with his blade, his armor making screaming noises all the while.

With a bit of banter from Chopper, hardly unusual I must say, an, surprisingly some from me we engaged Harrigan. A burst of rainbow colors from Harrigan’s sorcerous first mate, removed both Feruzi and Sandara from our midst. My memory fails at this point, I vaguely recall unloading on Harrigan and laughter of the most twisted sort and then nothing until I heard “Mister hands” from Chopper.

Doloruso explained that Sandara and Feruzi were only shifted to another plane and not destroyed, and she explained quickly. It was difficult, then, to stifle my laughter and blood lust, but I managed. To keep myself calm, I did take a trophy from Harrigan; his beard. When I did this, I say that I must have finished him off as his head had been splattered from within.

With Doloruso’s confession and other evidence left by Harrigan we now had proof of the Chelish spy: Harrigan himself. Not only that, but the Chelish invasion was imminent and we only just had time to reach Port Peril.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty

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