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  • Session 4: Stormy Weather

    Posted by Jennifer

    Morning came, but with it no dawn, only pewter sky, silver rain, and leaden sea that rolled all around the Wormwood, the great heavy waves jostling her like an

  • Session 7: The Promise

    Posted by: Jennifer

    The Wormwood crept close and closer to her quarry, which now retaliated with a hail of crossbow and ballista bolts aimed at crew and rigging. The name of the large

  • Session 8: Dangerous Reefs

    Posted by: Jennifer

    Ezikial spent their second day aboard the Promise swabbing the deck, a chore he engaged in diligently even though it seemed a poor use of his skills. He never

  • Session 10: Divers Alarums

    Posted By Jennifer

    Ezikial swept the torch through the air, leaving a trail across his vision but also revealing a cluster of tiny pink creatures, whether birds, bats, or insects he

  • Session 16: Good News

    As a city, Senghor was a bit on the small side, but large enough that the Crisis brought little overt notice; they paid the docking fee and the officials became scarce.

    We should set a watch on the ship and allow liberty in shifts

  • Session 17: Tooth and Nail

    Posted by: Jennifer

    The jungle seemed to close in around them; landmarks vanished into a mass of vegetation and the faint rustle of the river was quickly drowned out by the drone of

  • Session 19: The Honeymoon

    If Tidewater Keep was so crowded with all these new guests, McCleagh grumbled to himself, why couldnt he find any of them? It was early morning, a time when most pirates were snoring in their bunks, but from the looks of things nearly all of

  • Session 39: Sorry Soiree

    It was Kuthona, the beginning of winter. The island was quiet for the first timethe hired workmen had finished their repairs and taken ship for other ports. The Bonaventure, the Kitsune, and the Sated Satyr were anchored in the cove alongside

  • Session 40: Fire and Water

    Perhaps we should go down to the grotto? Feruzi asked. The guests were headed to bed and no amount of searching had revealed Sefina in or around the hold.

    I think it would be a good idea to inform our trusted allies first

  • Session 41: In Council

    Order! Kerdak Bonefist growled, slamming his mug on the long oaken table in the Pirate Council chamber. I call this meetin ter order! First order o business, increased shares fer tha Island o Empty Eyes crew

  • Session 42: The Black Tower

    When the officers returned to the Crisis, they found a silver raven with a message from Tessa Fairwind sitting on the port rail. About 25 years ago, Captain Tevenida Aiger, after which the sword is named, led a raid on the Isle of the Black

  • Session 43: Captains Who Want Things

    So, just guessing from our previous behavior, were not going to heed the warning and stop here, correct? Feruzi asked. Ezikial grinned. "Do we at least have some kind of rotting curse repellent?

    Verily, I have

  • Session 44: Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight

    The Theater of Corruption in Hell Harbor was run by a trio of Chelish expatriates who performed abstract reworkings of ancient Chelish plays. The disturbing operatic comedies featured dark fiends as protagonists and mortal antagonists who embroiled

  • Session 46: Caves Full of Ships

    Alise pointed the Crisis officers to a gap in the rocks on the other side of the island that opened into a vast cathedral-like cavern packed with derelict ships. Despite the shifting of the tide, the greenish water stank of death. Only a few rays of

  • Session 48: Stealth Section

    So, if the bastard didnt bother comin, whats he up to, eh? Chopper demanded of the Wormwood officer, a Varisian man named Bintrim Whist.

    Doloruso said Harrigan was sure his fleet would crush you.

  • Session 49: Ex-Harrigan

    Finding themselves in command of the courtyard, the Crisis officers climbed up to the gallery and entered what appeared to be a warehouse, occupied by numerous crates, boxes, barrels, chests, and a multi-legged, multi-eyed beast waving sharp claws.

  • Session 51: Didn't We Just Do This?

    After some further gathering of forces, it was decided for the combined Shackles Fleet (Unofficial) to assemble near Hell Harbor. The numerous spellcasters distributed through the pirate fleet exercised their scrying magic, and the great invasion fleet

  • Session 52: This Also Seems Familiar

    Grapeshot and chain bolts peppered the rigging of Abrogails Fury and Ezikials signature shot blasted the wheel to splinters. The Chelish flagship returned fire, severely denting the hull of Crisis and knocking the sails askewCrisis

  • Session 53: BOOM

    The Crisis surreptitiouslywell, as surreptitiously as a ship could manage, anwaydocked at Lucrehold an hour or so after sundown. Several warehouses stood on the islands southwest corner, along with outbuildings filled with

  • Session 54: It's a Trap

    Sandaras magic got Chopper and Ezikial back on their feet, but Ezikial was left with a broad scar on his face. I canna seem t mend it wi the magics I ave, Sandara said. Yer face just gonna be ugly fer a

  • Session 55: Sushi Buffet

    Chopper whooped in delight as the undead dragon eyeballed their tiny craft. I know, I know, he grumbled. You lot wont let me keep it. The dragons head whipped around and it snapped at Ezikial, almost throwing

  • Session 56: Number Two

    The door to the next room opened, revealing Tsadok Goldtooth, who fired his pistol at Chopper. I told you that you should have let me fish him! Feruzi said as Ezikial returned fire.

    Fish? Chopper asked, baffled. A

  • Session 57: Final Boss Fight

    Two boatswains mates on the main deck moved toward the main mast. A charau-ka, an ape-like humanoid, readied a bomb while the more ordinary sailors cleared the deck, wanting to be as far away from the fighting as possible. The sniper in front

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