Skull and Shackles: Tides of Fortune

Session 29: The Spymaster

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“This is less an infiltration and more an assault at this point,” Chopper remarked as they cleared their way up to the second floor. Feruzi helpfully pointed out the arrow-studded corpse of the peculiar beast she’d discovered and subsequently killed. Snake-headed tentacles grew out of the shoulders of an immense red-and-black cat. Everyone took a look at it but no one could identify it—whatever it was, it was rare and probably not the cuddliest of pets.

Labella picked the lock on the southern door and opened the door with great care, avoiding some gooey substance smeared on the inside of the handle. The room beyond was an extensive alchemy laboratory. Chopper glanced inside and nodded to himself. “Toss it,” he said, and Ezikial promptly attempted to fit the entire lab into one sack, displaying impressive skill at multidimensional geometry. Sadly, the equipment was not as current on the application of space-time vortices and resisted this treatment, causing Ezikial to negotiate with Labella for the acquisition of a vehicle equipped with more real-world storage capacity. Barely resisting the urge to laugh, Labella left with Torkelsen and Pegsworthy’s dwarven sorcerer Durgrin to secure transport.

Interlude: It Begins

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As they approached the gangway to the Crisis, Pegsworthy realized that Feruzi was counting down under her breath. He raised an eyebrow at her, but she shook her head minutely and continued to count.

“Hey, who’s the pretty lady?” Cog shouted down from the wheelhouse. The deck was instantly covered in pirates.

“Three . . . two . . . one . . .,” Feruzi continued muttering.

Ukele burst into tears and collapsed in a heap on the deck, a sight to appall a stone statue, which Pegsworthy was not. Fortunately, he was saved from having to make up his mind as a horde of Chopper’s solicitous crew rushed forward to offer their assistance—Fishguts firmly in the lead. A look of horror flashed across Ukele’s face, quickly concealed. Pegsworthy bit the inside of his cheek to control a smirk. This was going to be entertaining.

“Ye poor thing!” Fishguts slobbered while Ukele sniffled to a stop and managed a ‘brave’ smile. Conchobar appeared around the bulk of Fishgut’s stomach like a small moonrise and offered her a handkerchief with a bow as florid as only a gnome could make it. “Ye’ll be wantin’ a hot meal, I’ll wager,” Fishguts continued.

“Oh, yes please!” Ukele enthused. “And, perhaps, if it’s not too much trouble . . .”

Interlude: She Chose Poorly

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“Thank you for doing this,” Feruzi said. “I think everyone would be more than a little distracted if she were on the Crisis during the race.” Ukele flopped into a chair in Pegsworthy’s cabin and glared.

“My pleasure,” Pegsworthy told Feruzi mildly. “The Bonaventure can’t enter the race, anyway. A bit too much damage during some of her recent adventures.”

“You mean, when you were helping us?” Feruzi demanded. Pegsworthy gave her a medium-strength glower.

“You’re going to try and offer some sort of payment, aren’t you.”

“Well, we ARE responsible . . .”

“Hm, no. I am responsible. And I can manage my own repairs, thank you. And I’ll thank you even more not to go implying that it’s charity or lust poisoning or some other nonsense. I may be soft in the head about women but I’ve been managing a ship for nearly as long as you’ve been alive.” Possibly longer, he thought, and isn’t that just the sort of boost your spirits need.

Session 30: The Regatta

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Author’s Note: this session writeup deviates wildly from the session itself, but a lot of things that got glossed over were important to explain events and a lot of other things that took up a lot of time didn’t require much explanation, so I Took Liberties.

To meet with Tessa Fairwind, they had to make sail immediately for Cauldron Rock, starting point for this year’s Free Captains’ Regatta. Tessa was delighted to receive Zarskia’s information and take the spymaster off Chopper’s hands.

“Are you entering the race?” Tessa asked.

“I was thinkin’ about it.”

“Do so. Here, I’ll even pay the entry fee for you. You having a seat on the Pirate Council would be a great help to me. Even if you find you don’t agree with my decisions, at least you won’t be that worm Harrigan.”

“The Wormwood’s racin’, then?”

“Aye, and widely regarded as the favorite to win the thing. I do NOT want Harrigan on the council. For all I know, he’s in league with Cheliax himself!”

Chopper grinned. “Don’t you worry. I owe him a bad turn or six. Taking the purse out from under his nose would be a pleasure.”


The deck of the Kraken was already crowded with the captains and senior crew of the sixteen other Regatta entrants when the Crisis party arrived. Many of the faces were familiar from Lucre Hold, but none of them had introduced themselves at that time so names could not be assigned to faces. As they edged through the crowd, one tall, imposing figure interposed himself in their path—Captain Barnabas Harrigan. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he said, grinning hugely.

“What, just now?” Feruzi shot back. Chopper sounded a brief chuckle.

“I, for one, won’t be damned,” Reiko said, “but it’s always a pleasure, Mr. Harrigan.”

“Ain’t, it, though.” His grin faded as he crossed his beefy arms and sneered down at her. Reiko’s face, as always, was set into an inscrutable faint smile that made her resemble a marble statue.

“However did you finally deal with your mutinous first mate?”

“Word is ye handled ‘im for me. Hope ye weren’t expectin’ a ree-ward past lettin’ ye hang onter my ship.”

“A paragon of generosity is Captain Harrigan,” said Chopper. “I won’t let it be said otherwise.”

Interlude: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ukele

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“Where is my sister?” Feruzi asked as she watched the immense eagle bearing Pegsworthy land on the Kraken. Without a word, Labella led her down to the Bonaventure’s brig, where Ukele was sitting curled in misery on a rough wooden bench. Feruzi stared mutely for several moments, then said, “Would you excuse us, please?” Labella was gone before Feruzi finished speaking the third word.

“It’s all my fault!” Ukele wailed and burst into tears. Black fury seemed to rise in Feruzi’s stomach and meet a sinking sense of heavy numbness. “I want to go home!”

Interlude: Arbitrary Arbitration

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Is it a good sign or a bad one that Kerdak Bonefist looks more than a little hung over this morning? Pegsworthy thought as the Master of the Gales escorted him into the audience chamber. From the sound of the celebrations last night—audible even in the brig of the Kraken—there wouldn’t be many pirates eager to face the day. The Council table seemed to bear that out; only Tessa Fairwind and Avimar Sorrinash were arrayed beside Bonefist. Tessa gave Pegsworthy a faint, restrained nod, which he returned. Sorrinash merely sneered. The audience chamber was otherwise nearly empty, only a few random hangers-on occupied the benches. Harrigan was nowhere in sight.

“Whass this about, then?” Bonefist demanded.

“The Master requests us to sit in judgment of Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy, who stands accused of breaking the Truce of the Free Captains’ Regatta by attacking three of Free Captain Barnabus Harrigan’s men, Lord.” Tessa’s voice was firm and to the point, betraying no touch of personal consideration.

“Izzat so? Never liked that Harrigan. I take it ’e were provoked?”

Session 31: The Reception

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Feruzi shrugged at Chopper. “That was . . . not as bad as it could have been, I suppose.”

“Codswallop is what it is, pure and simple,” Chopper growled. Ezikial scowled in agreement.

“Are you all right, Merrill?” Feruzi asked. Pegsworthy sighed.

“I will be. It might take some time, though.”

Feruzi began to fidget, glancing over at Chopper again, who tilted his head to the side and regarded her curiously. “I have a . . . favor I want to ask you,” she said, speaking to Pegsworthy. “If you don’t mind. And, er, if Chopper doesn’t mind.” Chopper’s eyebrows shot up and Pegsworthy visibly shook off whatever was occupying his mind.

“Of course,” Pegsworthy said. “Anything.”

Session 32: The Hold of Nightmares

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The first building they entered proved to be a chapel, only a handful of the simple pews still intact between the others that lay scattered and broken on the floor. A golden symbol hung from the ceiling, a winged eye in a ring, the symbol of Aroden. Once the patron deity of Cheliax and a number of other major countries, Aroden had disappeared nearly a century ago when all of Golarion was wracked by terrible storms, ending in the formation of the Eye of Abendego. Aroden’s former worshippers had mostly abandoned him, converting to other faiths or, in the case of Cheliax, to the worship of devils. This chapel could have lain abandoned for decades or centuries, there was no way to tell.

“Is that real gold?” Feruzi asked, eyeing the symbol. Leila studied it for a moment.

“I believe it is, Feruzi,” she said at last.

“That much gold undefended for this long? It must be cursed,” Feruzi continued as Leila looked around for some way to reach the symbol. Four large, spider-like creatures with eerie humanoid faces suddenly flashed into view, snapping their mandibles. Chopper knocked one away before it could poison him and it tore a long gash in his wrist. Leila shouted as another one clamped down on her leg. Then the spiders vanished as suddenly as they appeared.

Ezikial waved his pistols furiously, seeking a target, while Feruzi pressed her back to the wall and cast a protective spell. The spiders burst into existence again, clawing and biting at everyone. Ezikial shot one in the abdomen before they could vanish a second time.

Interlude: The Tale of Bikendi Otongu

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“Millennia ago in that heyday of the Age of Serpents, before there was an Eye, before humans even came to these lands, the Cyclops of Ghol-Gan ruled here. Many of their ruins still stand, relicts of a lost empire whose greatness few today can comprehend. One such ruin, a mountain retreat known as Sumitha, stands on this very island. Here the Cyclops constructed a hidden vault known as the Eye of Serenity to hold a sacred artifact, the Lens of Revelation. The Cyclopean seers of Sumitha guided their fellows in war to survey the lands and even to know the will of the divine, but when their civilization waned the Lens turned dark and they abandoned Sumitha to be forgotten. Many of them retreated to the Darklands, and those who stayed degenerated into savagery. The men who came centuries later saw only the eyeless statues on the Island’s shores and hillsides, the fist-sized gems that once decorated these monoliths long since taken and lost.

Session 33: Fort Secured

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Bikendi Otongu faded from sight.

“Well,” Reiko said, “That was interesting.” Ezikial nodded agreement. “I am fairly certain he wasn’t giving us the full truth about needing to take over one of our bodies to do this ritual, though.”

“We will need to do something to get these spirits off the island,” Feruzi said. “All these risen dead will prove problematic.”

“I don’t disagree with this notion, but I am not willing to let something take over my body,” Reiko insisted.

“We should not discuss it standing in this room, I think,” Feruzi said.