An ancient Azlanti bow made of some strange resilient substance

weapon (ranged)

This bow is made from a lustrous, dark-gold material that seems not quite wood or metal. The bowstring appears to be fine twisted wire of the same material and is nearly indestructible. Intricate carving covers every inch of the bow, fine lines giving the impression of an eagle in flight, its wings and claws outstretched. This +1 bow deals 1d10 damage, deals a critical threat on a roll of 19-20, and allows the wielder to add their strength bonus (if positive) to damage. In addition, there are five sockets in the grip (the eagle’s eyes, mouth, and claws) that can hold ioun stones to grant additional effects.


Taken from a drifting sailor after the man succumbed to his wounds, this bow was owned by Captain Merrill Pegsworthy until he gave it to Feruzi. Barnabus Harrigan possibly has some interest in this Azlanti artifact.


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